issue 60

IPSE Magazine issue 60

Self-employment has literally been front page news in the past month. From tax rises on the “white van man” to a stunning U-turn just a week later, how the Government views people who work for themselves has dominated news coverage. They’ve been referred to as everything from tax dodgers to the hardest working people in the county. In this issue you can read analysis of the Budget, and how many contractors have been impacted by poorly thought out changes to how the public sector engages them. 

Have you ever thought about freelancing in the great city of Cardiff? We have you covered with a great feature on that, and where to go online for freelancing gigs. We even have an interview with Joe Griston of, who explains the reasons behind their phenomenal growth. If you’re really keen you can read my thoughts on how the internet has led to an irreversible paradigm shift in the labour market.

Enjoy the read!


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